Thursday, 20 November 2008

J-Pegs From The Cupboard.

I started to animate Hank last week and have so far completed one and a half scenes, which comes to around 9/10 seconds, not alot but it feels that i have been working on it forever. You may wonder about the title, this is because i am doing all the animation in a room at uni that was formally being used as a cupboard, know my cupboard.

So the pictures below are two snap shots from the two scenes, just random frames i have picked from the animation. Feeling really pleased at how it has turned out so far, particularly the lighting and characters shadow.

'Pulp Fiction' Scene 3

'Hamburgers. The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.'

'Goodfellas' Scene 4

'As far back as i can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster'

Each scene has different props, connected to the film that features and the particular quote . The 'Pulp Fiction' scene has a shirt and tie and a hamburger (both made from milliput), the 'Goodfellas' scene has a bow tie and cigar (plasticine), the 'Scarface' scene has a gun and the 'Taxi Driver' scene had a mirror (milliput).


Mark said...

nice i love ur models, funny and cool

Dr Jonas Christ said...

Ace models, I studied Model-Making at Sunderland Uni. Didn't really enjoy it though, as I wanted to make stuff like you did, but didn't really get the chance! Should have done animation...